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"3 Bands, 3 Songs, 3 Bucks -- every month!"

3-Way Singles Club Volume 7 comes at a time when you probably never want to hear "Sleigh Ride" again -- and rest assured, there's not a jingle bell anywhere near any of these tracks (we're saving those for the annual Bermuda Mohawk Productions Christmas comp).

Announcing itself as ITAV's shortest, sharpest, most profane 3-artist single yet, Vol. 7 is equal parts loud and unapologetic and surgically sardonic. If you've been complaining about the retrograde state of punk since 1977, well you're probably almost a half-century old now and have moved on to Michael Bublé. In the case that you still have a pulse, Vol. 7 will help you get to work past the lines of cars trying to turn in to Circuit City. No one will understand why you are smiling and/or humming. Well, I will.

The stinging, twisting guitars and churning rhythm section of Josh David And The Dream Jeans underpin the Floydian (that's Gary Floyd of The Dicks) bellow of lead juggernaut Josh David Managing art without artifice, assault without malignance, and sometimes injury without insult, JDDJ is the sort of band that locks their singer out of the club when he inevitably leaves the stage and makes the audience (or the folks outside on the smoking deck), willing and unwilling alike, part of the music. Yes, that's his mic cord around your neck! Metaphorically speaking of course.

Cat Midway works a marginally quieter groove that may be acoustic but packs an invisible sucker punch. Just over a minute, the song lingers much longer, a merciless character sketch of a hard-luck character laid out with spare words and simple tambourine accompaniment -- probably softly tapped with her foot while she played. "Scarred Man" is a refugee from Cat's ongoing recording sessions for an album, a lone puzzle-piece separated from its pack that digs its spurs in and meets its ... with a clear gaze.

The Hunky Newcomers are a throwback only in the best sense of the word, recalling a cocktail of The Ramones and even The Dead Milkmen. Yet while they're channeling old hardcore and punk from the 1970s and 80s and tossing every whoah-oh and hey-ho they can in under 2 minutes, they're also careening along at an admirable rate -- "Bitchin' Summer was recorded last Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) on very short notice (one of the bands originally planned for this single had to withdraw) and with one band member fresh back from an East Coast tour with his other band (drummer Nich Plural is bassist for The Plurals). I hear half a bottle of Kessler's was involved in the sessions that birthed "Bitchin' Summer," and it's the sort of fun, furious anthem that transports you out of winter and into a sunny, beer-soaked reverie. It's a reminder, and a weather forecast for the future, and it's poised to get stuck in your head.

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released November 28, 2011

ITAV #017
mastered by John Krohn at Deep Deep Pink, Lansing Michigan



all rights reserved


It Takes A Village To Make Records Lansing, Michigan

ITAV is a Lansing, Michigan-based independent label best known for the "In The Orchard Of Osiris" compilation and their "3-Way Singles Club," an ongoing monthly series of 3-song/3-artist digital singles that began in May 2011.

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