3​-​Way Singles Club, Volume Two

by Rachel Yezbick / RxGibbs / Lost Leaves

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"3 Bands, 3 Songs, 3 Bucks -- every month!"

This is the second installment of an ongoing monthly series of 3-sided split singles curated by It Takes A Village To Make Records (ITAV)! The "3-Way Singles Club" features exclusive tracks by independent artists, 3 songs by 3 different artists per single.

"Volume Two" features three musicians from the mid-Michigan area. Rachel Yezbick resides in Detroit and is an active member of the arts community there. "To Be Broken" is a collaboration between her and ITAV's Stargrazer (who provided her with a dub-ish basic track). Rachel's unique vocal approach and intuitive editing skills mutated the instrumental into 3 or 4 distinct songs before the devastatingly elegant final form emerged.

Lansing area musician RxGibbs has always had a way with atmosphere, whether creating shoegazey guitarscapes, ambient electronica, or as a touring member of Auburn Lull. ITAV is honored to release RxGibbs' exclusive offering, the instrumental "Aurora," a song that skirts the frayed edge of the cosmos and soars high above our outstretched hearts. "Aurora" is an excellent example of the subtly beat-oriented direction his music has taken since the magnificent "Radar Report" E.P.

Concluding volume two is a glacial instrumental dub of "To Be Broken," the original composition sent to Rachel that spurred the writing of the finished song. "Lost Leaves" is the alias under which ITAV founder Peter Richards / Stargrazer produces remixes, and although technically "To Be Broken" is a radically remixed/reworked version of the instrumental rather than vice versa, it just made sense to release the Mag-Lev dub under this moniker.

Subsequent volumes of the 3-Way Singles Series will be available for $3 each, and at some point we'll initiate a blanket subscription price -- that's right: a one-time fee will entitle you to every song we've released AND every song we WILL release. Take that, cloud! We're still ironing out that idea, but for the time-being it's probably just as cost effective to buy each single separately. Welcome to the club! It's good to have you aboard.

Next month's single is a super session of sorts, members of The Hat Madder, The Playback, and Narc Out The Reds have written 3 songs that blur and burn into one another -- ghost stories, we're told!

[ If you're interested, you can subscribe to the entire 3-Way Singles Club for a one time fee. That's ALL the songs the club has already released, plus everything we'll release until the end of time. Learn more here itavrecords.blogspot.com ]


released June 10, 2011

ITAV #011
mastered by John Krohn at Deep Deep Pink, Lansing, MI



all rights reserved


It Takes A Village To Make Records Lansing, Michigan

ITAV is a Lansing, Michigan-based independent label best known for the "In The Orchard Of Osiris" compilation and their "3-Way Singles Club," an ongoing monthly series of 3-song/3-artist digital singles that began in May 2011.

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